Apply to the JB Griffin Memorial Foundation

We accept applications for funding support throughout the year and are always excited to hear from new organizations.

Applications for the following year are due December 31st. Please note that while we strive to support as many organizations as possible, submitting an application does not guarantee funding. All organizations selected to receive support are notified by email. All funding decisions are final.

Jb Griffin Team

Determine Your Goals and Develop a Plan

Applying 501(c)(3) organizations must present a clear plan as to how funds are to be used. All applicants are required to include a copy of their annual operating budget for the current fiscal year, as well as for the fiscal years covered by the requested funds. Your application should also include a copy of your most recent audited financial statement. We accept electronic attachments as PDFs, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel files. Organizations who receive funding are expected to commit to volunteering in the planning and execution of the annual golf tournament, one of our primary sources of revenue.

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