About JB

About JB

JB was a loving husband and proud father of five children who in August 2011, lost his battle with cancer.

Growing up one of seven children, JB was a quiet yet strong inspiration to his family, friends, and colleagues.

JB’s greatest love was his children and family. For 28 years of marriage, he was always there for me and our family when a shoulder and a hug were needed. He loved going to his five kids’ functions – recitals, award ceremonies, endless weekends of football, volleyball, softball, track events, basketball, field hockey and soccer.

As a member of Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, JB was a devoted community member who avidly enjoyed both skiing and golfing.

As a devoted employee and colleague, JB served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Shaner Corporation. His responsibility for overseeing the company’s financial operation, and performance of a 40+ hotel portfolio was instrumental in the success of the company. He enjoyed employment at Shaner so much, that he worked up until a month of his passing away. I don’t think he complained once about how he was feeling. His diligent work in the hotel business gave us the life we had in the past and the goodness of our life presently.

When he became ill, it hit our family hard, as I’m sure cancer does with most families. His love carried him through to our Maggie’s 16th birthday celebration at Toftrees Golf Resort, two days before losing his battle with cancer. He and Maggie had been planning that party for 2 years and there was no way he wasn’t going to celebrate with her. But that was JB!

It is so fitting that there is this charitable organization created in his name. I feel that it keeps his spirit alive and enhances our cherished memories of him!

In deepest love and respect for JB,
Mary Pat Griffin